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Killer Deal: A Technology Transfer Thriller by Edison Daly

Kaitlin Clark, Tailcrest University's General Counsel, has been murdered. Talcrest's Technology Transfer Office is negotiating an intellectual property license with a technology start-up company. The technology is very valuable and people involved can make a lot of money, but the technology has military applications as well...

Killer Deal: A Technology Transfer Thriller by Edison Daly is an exciting tale about the events surrounding a University Technology Transfer Office's licensing of an invention to a start-up company. It is a must read for anyone who enjoys a good Best Seller involving murder, deception, international intrigue, moral conflicts, infidelity, corruption, violence, revenge and justice.

Killer Deal also touches on entrepreneurship, venture capital and angel investment in technology start-ups, university administration, patent law, technology licensing, export control, technology start-up company formation, FDA approval, technology commercialization and many aspects of working on a University Campus.

Edison Daly is a technology transfer insider, attorney and former professor with over a decade of experience negotiating technology licensing deals between research institutions and outside companies. Edison Daly has crafted an exciting and compelling tale that builds upon what many in technology transfer experience every day in a way that almost anyone can relate to. Anyone who enjoys a good Best Seller will enjoy Killer Deal: A Technology Transfer Thriller.

Available at [papaerback] [Kindle] [paperback]

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